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Be Sure You’re Getting Genuine 710 Spirits

Consumer Alert! Buyer Beware!

It has come to our attention that there have been people selling an imitation 710 Spirits™. In some cases, even representing this imitation product as genuine 710 Spirits™. These imitation products ARE NOT 710 Spirits™ and DO NOT meet the quality and purity standards for the industry. 710 Spirits™ has gone through an exhaustive 2-year process to validate results with over 150 clients on board. We have heard from many people about the lack of quality in the competing products with high methanol and heavy metal concentrations.

At 710 Spirits™, we care deeply that our customers can trust that our product is manufactured to the highest possible standards. If you have been sold fraudulent 710 Spirits™ or are aware of someone selling counterfeit product, please reach out to us through 710Spirits.com.

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