Recent FDA Warning/Recall NOT related to 710 Spirits

What We Know So Far

Today (May 24th, 2018), we were made aware of a consumer safety warning posted by the FDA in regards to an ethanol extraction product. First and foremost, we want to make it clear that this warning is in NO WAY related to or affiliated with 710 Spirits, our products, or our manufacturer. This warning was issued for a product ( that was being manufactured and sold as a non-denatured alcohol for extraction, specifically marketed for at-home use. The warning states that this product may have been contaminated with methanol and may have caused the death of at least 1 person who ingested it.

Why We Are Letting You Know

At 710 Spirits, we have 3 values we make a high priority in everything we do.

  1. Purity and Quality
  2. Education and Awareness
  3. Customer Service and Communications

With these values in mind, we felt the need to chime in to make sure all of our customers were aware of this FDA notice as well as to identify why 710 Spirits is definitively different from the product in question.

710 Spirits Purity and Quality

Let us start by saying that 710 Spirits is manufactured by one of the largest and most reputable ethanol manufacturers in North America. This means that every batch of 710 Spirits is given the highest level of attention at every stage of the supply chain. From the sourcing of our materials and packaging, our products are subject to rigorous testing and quality control measures.

The ethanol contained in 710 Spirits meets numerous purity standards, including compliance with FCC, USP, and ACS grades. The n-Heptane (which makes up 4.76% of the product) is a 99% or greater purity and is tested for residual heavy metals and other impurities. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers can trust the purity and quality of every batch of 710 Spirits they purchase.

710 Spirits and Appropriate Use for Extraction

While 710 Spirits maintains high purity and quality standards, it is still for extraction processing only. It is never to be ingested and must be removed completely from the end product it is being used to extract. This is why we take time to vet every buyer, ensuring that they are using the product correctly in commercial extraction equipment where the end product is being tested for residual solvents to ensure all the solvent is removed.

An Ongoing Conversation With a Growing Industry

At 710 Spirits we see our role in the extraction industry as more than a mere commodity supplier. In an industry that has long operated outside the law, with very little regulation and oversight, it is our responsibility to be a strong voice for a transparent production process that holds to the highest standards of safety and quality for its consumers.

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